More contamination news: Pipeline spills 270,000 liters of produced water in northern Alberta! Why the concern? It’s just WATER … Well, no. Produced water is the water that comes up with oil and gas when drilling takes place.  Millions and millions of barrels of produced water is generated each year, and most petroleum companies either truck it or pipe it offsite to be re-injected into the ground. It contains oil, grease, metals, a lot of salt, sometimes NORM (naturally-ocurring radioactive materials), and BTEX. These things can cause cancer, nerve disorders, birth defects and even a pretty quick death with enough exposure. Not the kind of contaminants you want spilled anywhere near humans, animals or plants. So why try to pipe it somewhere? Why not just clean it and make the water safe for all. IX Power Clean Water has the solution for 17 cents to 47 cents a barrel.

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