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Trophic rewilding is the reintroduction of species that have become extinct in specific areas, and it may be one way to mitigate the effects of climate change. Ecologist Dr. Liesbeth Bakker of the Nederlands Instituut voor Ecologie has stated that loss of species drastically impacts environments in which they live.  “If we are to restore […]

Environmental advocates say that failing to implement the Clean Water Rule will cause large scale damage to the environment. They are very likely correct, but it is impossible to prove. Opponents are attempting to use a legal maneuver to establish an alternative “rule” that is actually just a repeal of the not yet implemented Clean Water […]

From Water Technology Magazine on September 27: “It’s no secret that the demand for hydraulic fracturing in the Permian Basin is on the rise. What is less commonly understood is how the high completion activity is affecting water demand in the area. For example, a fracturing job in the Permian today typically requires between 300,00 […]

More legal hassles over produced water!  See excerpt from Industrial Water World story below: The Oklahoma Oil & Gas Association (OKOGA) filed a lawsuit against the Kingfisher County Commissioners in Oklahoma State Supreme Court on Tuesday, arguing that the county’s ban on temporary pipelines along existing rights-of-way to take produced water from oil and gas […]

The Waters of the United States rule is, at its base, nothing more than a clarification of the implementation of the Clean Water Act, passed in 1972 and signed into law by President Richard Nixon. The Act established federal authority to limit pollutants discharged into bodies of water that cross state lines. As initially implemented by […]

Denver, Colorado city officials have come to realize that nature had a plan behind the design of waterways in the arid state, and it did not involve diverting creeks and rivers through storm drains and concrete channels.  Denver is discovering the value of the long lost natural waterways that once criss-crossed the city. In 1858, […]

In the New York Times recently, this popped up in “Opinion,” but its great News … and provides some hope that people are realizing the need to take action. It’s especially great to read that, “nearly 70 percent of Californians would be willing to pay an additional dollar a month on their water bills to […]

  Two recent stories in the news tell the story of how Colorado’s transition to renewable electricity generation has reached a tipping point. This week, state regulators approved Xcel’s bold Colorado Energy Plan to accelerate the deployment of wind and solar power generation capacity, and to retire several coal fired power plants earlier than planned. […]

Here’s something interesting from Global News: Nova Scotia and Morocco sign petroleum exploration deal What?  Aren’t those kind of “odd” partners? Global News says, “Former neighbours Nova Scotia and Morocco are joining forces in a bid to find petroleum riches.  The two were part of the same land mass 200 million years ago, before the […]