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According to a 2009 article in the New York Times, “Twenty-one power plants in 10 states, including Alabama, Kentucky, North Carolina and Ohio, have dumped arsenic into rivers or other waters at concentrations as much as 18 times the federal drinking water standard.” The report also states dumping chemicals besides just arsenic into water at dangerous levels.  This waste is […]

Hey, Wall Street Journal — We’ve been saying this for quite some time! There’s a huge opportunity in handling water from Oil & Gas operations! Thank you, Christopher Matthews, for your story!  However, there’s more you could include … First off, the industry-recognized term for the water we’re talking about here, the wastewater generated by […]

Think the demand for crude petroleum in the U.S. is rapidly declining?  Think again! A new report “Crude Petroleum: United States,” by Freedonia Focus Reports says there will be only marginal annual declines through 2022 – and that decline is because of a drop in gasoline demand.  But, this decline in automobile gasoline demand will […]

NPR is great!  Those guys report on stuff first that no one else ever thinks about. Like the story on “microplastics” and the what must be tedious work by ecologist Chelsea Rochman and her researchers at the University of Toronto. What are microplastics?  The online version of the NPR story says they are ” …objects […]

More contamination news: Pipeline spills 270,000 liters of produced water in northern Alberta! Why the concern? It’s just WATER … Well, no. Produced water is the water that comes up with oil and gas when drilling takes place.  Millions and millions of barrels of produced water is generated each year, and most petroleum companies either […]

The Berkeley Pit, located in Butte, MT, has been a “superfund site,” since 1982. This means it has been contaminated by hazardous waste and is considered a risk to both the environment and human health. Berkeley Pit is the result of decades of mining of gold, silver, and copper. Put simply, mining produced water that […]

The Huffington Post just published a story on August 15 entitled “Fracking Water Use Skyrockets, Creating 1,440 Percent More Toxic Wastewater.” See the whole story HERE. I do applaud HuffPost for taking on this story.  It’s tough for most mainstream consumer media to get this issue right – and HuffPost has fallen into the same factual […]

Perfluorinated compounds are a group of human-made chemicals developed for use in products that resist heat, grease, oil, stains, and water. PFCs do not occur naturally. They are frequently found in coating additives, cosmetic products, dental floss, certain types of food packaging and clothing. On April 9, a Colorado state water panel adopted new standards […]

So writes Mary Holcomb, Assistant Editor for Hart Energy’s Digital News Group. We’ve been saying it all along! In her interview with Joel Mack, she quotes Mack as saying, “By streamlining, consolidating and offloading the responsibility of water management from individual producers to service providers, he said producers will gain revenue for building out, developing […]

Ellen Knickmeyer of the Associated Press has reported that the White House is calling the result of federal toxicology studies on PFC’s a “potential nightmare.” But nightmare’s aren’t real, and this situation is. Reports of people around the country slowly dying from exposure to PFCs are growing. And, the most recent concern is community drinking […]