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Hydrocarbons are the foundation of the Modern Error (pun intended). While it has become unfashionable to support the coal and oil & gas (O&G) industries, I dare say humans would not have made multitudes of progress without them. Perhaps it’s obvious, but virtually every aspect of modern life is made possible by petroleum and petroleum-derived […]

We admit to frequently thinking people know more about subjects, with which we are familiar, than they actually do (the “Dunning–Kruger effect”). So, we are committed to writing a continuing series of posts related to energy, power, and water— and their place in the global economy and society.      

Hydraulic Fracturing is the process of jamming sand down into millions of holes and seams in a hydrocarbon formation to liberate oil and gas. The liquid media used to get the sand down in the formation is called “fracking fluid” and is mostly composed of water, with some other chemicals thrown in. While it is […]

New research from the University of Texas at Austin found that recycling produced water from hydraulic fracturing in the Permian Basin can reduce the need for large upfront water requirements and potentially reduce seismic earthquakes caused by reinjecting the water into geologic formations.

Jun 7, 2016 By Lucas Cala and Bellal Zulali IX Water continues its efforts to provide clean water beneficial to the environment and people as a whole. This also extends internationally. China is a rapidly developing country that is faced with developmental and environmental challenges. The environment is often sacrificed in order to provide greater […]

Apr 19, 2016 I remember the day in the summer of 2015 when I heard that former U.S. Senator Pete Domenici contacted us expressing his interest in joining the Board of IX Power Clean Water (IXPCW) because he believed in what we were doing. Having lived in New Mexico for many years, it was impossible […]