Chief Revenue Officer, IX Power companies

Jim Jones is head of business and revenue development at IX Power. With 29 years of technology sales and in excess of $500 million in sales credits, Mr. Jones brings a wealth of experience to the team. He has served in key sales roles at Digital Equipment, SUN, and Interleaf as well as executive positions at Sybase and Informix.

For the past 10 years, Jones has lead successful ventures as Chief Revenue Officer. He has been responsible for helping deliver first revenues as well as building the sales and business development teams that secure consistent company growth.

In recent years he has worked with mobile telecoms operators around the globe. He also served three years as Chief Revenue Officer for Hyperion Power Generation. Mr. Jones’ other experience includes startups in enterprise software, energy conservation, telecoms, document management, and geospatial imaging. He holds undergraduate and graduate degrees in bioscience from the University of Washington and University of Texas.