Contaminants: Scalants including magnesium, calcium, strontium, barium, etc.
Method: Ion Exchange

Description: IX Power Clean Water’s MetalClear ++™ machine combines MetalClear’s ability to remove heavy metals, with additional technology to remove the alkaline earth metals, which commonly cause scale problems. Systems can be designed to effect removal rates of up to 100%.

The system employs a combination of IX Water’s specialty formulated ion exchange medias (IxMZ++), to effect metals and scalant removal concurrently. This media was specifically designed and selected to meet the needs of the oil industry; long lasting, low cost, and highly durable. The system itself is very low power, requiring only a feed pump, operates at ambient pressure, and is on-site regenerable with NaCl (table salt), or waste brine from a subsequent salt removal process.

Typical configuration includes one MetalClear++ reactor paired with each OrganiClear module. Regeneration is affected through circulation of brine over a several hour period, seamlessly fitting into OrganiClear’s regeneration schedule, though required less frequently.

Depending on regeneration technique, high metal waste brine may be held to a volume of less than 1/100th of flow volume. This waste can be safely disposed of along with reject brine from the sites salt removal process, or evaporated and disposed of as solid waste.

**Targeted species include: magnesium, calcium, strontium, and barium.