Contaminants: Aluminum, antimony, beryllium, cadmium, chromium, copper, iron, lead, manganese, mercury, nickel, thallium, zinc, etc.
Method: Adsorption

Description: MetalClear™ is a IX Water product for the elimination of a variety of metals commonly found in produced water.

The system employs one of IX Water’s specialty formulated ion exchange medias to affect metals removal: IxMZ-S. This media was specifically designed and selected to meet the needs of the oil industry: long lasting, low cost, and highly durable. The system itself is very low power, requiring only a feed pump, operates at ambient pressure, and is on-site regenerable with NaCl (table salt) or waste brine from a subsequent salt removal process.

Typical configuration includes one MetalClear reactor paired with each OrganiClear module. Regeneration is effected through circulation of brine over a several hour period, seamlessly fitting into OrganiClear’s regeneration schedule, though required less frequently. Depending on regeneration technique, high metal waste brine may be held to a volume of less than 1/1000th of flow volume. This waste can be safely disposed of along with reject brine from the sites salt removal process, or evaporated and disposed of as solid waste.

**Targeted metals include: Aluminum, Antimony, Arsenic, Beryllium, Cadmium, Chromium, Copper, Iron, Lead, Manganese, Mercury, Nickel, Thallium, Uranium, and Zinc.