The modular design of IX Water machines allows for stand-alone operation or integration with existing treatment systems. Each transportable module treats from 2,000 to 2,500 bbls barrels a day (bbls/day) and can be ganged to process up to 50,000 bbl/day. Increased treatment volume is achieved by adding additional modules.

The total cost for treatment using the IX Water system (CapEx and OpEx) ranges from $0.27 to $0.47 a barrel, depending on contaminants in the water and the intended use of the treated water. Cost per barrel depends on the amount of water treated daily, the specific constituents needing removal, and the ultimate disposition of the water.

What We Sell
IX Power Clean Water sells the IX Water system: machines, setup and validation, training, technical support, and maintenance. IX Water is simple enough for a single, part-time operator to mange all functions. The Company can also help customers find qualified personnel, but we do not charge a by-the-barrel fee nor additional licensing costs to use IX Water.

Regulations regarding the disposition of oil & gas produced water vary with each state, while national regulations can create additional burdens on operators. IX Power Clean Water is expert at navigating regulations for the treatment and disposition of produced water, and can assist customers in navigating these regulations.

Other Methods of Treating Produced Water
The oil and gas industry has been bombarded for years with proposed solutions to their produced water problems. These supposed solutions are promoted using misleading claims and have proven to be fraught with enormous cost over-runs and endless plant add-ons to achieve acceptable results.