GOLDEN, COLORADO, MARCH 28, 2016 — IX Power Clean Water was recently granted certification to discharge contaminated water it treats using the IX Water OGTM treatment train for produced water into Colorado surface waters. “To those outside the business of water treatment and reclamation, this may not seem like a big deal,” said John R. Grizz Deal, IX Power Clean Water’s CEO. “However, we view it as further acceptance of our technology’s ability to treat some of the worst water in the world – industrial wastewater – to some of the highest standards, those in Colorado.”

The site in Denver where the water is to be treated is holding a large toxic soup of run-off from land use development such as service stations, auto repair shops, and road construction, that can impact the area’s soil, groundwater and surface water. IX Power’s IX Water OG system rids 99% or more of dangerous contaminants such as arsenic, benzene, and lead. A complete list of tested contaminants that the system, which includes the unique OrganiClear technology, eradicates can be found at

Colorado’s approval to discharge the water cleaned by IX Water OG into a surface body does not allow for the use of chemicals in cleaning that water. One of the most innovative features of the IX Water system is that no chemicals are involved. “Nothing is added,” said Chris Luiz, OrganiClear Product Manager. “This is a real breakthrough in the handling of produced water.”

Developed at Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) in collaboration with New Mexico Tech and the University of Texas, the system utilizes adsorption of contaminants onto reusable media. IX Water OG systems come in sizes that clean 2,000 to 10,000 barrels of water per day. Cost per barrel for treatment with IX Water OG range from 27 cents to 47 cents. Other processes available for cleaning produced water cost from $1.00 to $10.00 per barrel. Water treated by IX Power Clean Water ™ provides a new water resource for industry and agriculture, and a more environmentally friendly solution for disposing of all kinds of produced water.
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