NPR is great!  Those guys report on stuff first that no one else ever thinks about.

Like the story on “microplastics” and the what must be tedious work by ecologist Chelsea Rochman and her researchers at the University of Toronto.

What are microplastics?  The online version of the NPR story says they are ” …objects smaller than 5 millimeters — about the size of one of the letters on a computer keyboard. Researchers started to pay serious attention to microplastics in the environment about 15 years ago. They’re in oceans, rivers and lakes. They’re also in soil.”

The story goes on to tell us that research done in Germany is finding micro plastics in composted household food waste.  This means its IN OUR FOOD for pete’s sake!

Microplastics are also in our drinking water. In our beer. In sea salt and fish and shellfish.  And so obviously, microplastics must be in YOU and ME.  Hold it — plastic is made of chemicals!  What are these chemicals doing to us?  This is a relatively new addition to our bodily makeup after thousands of years of evolution. Not sure adding a bunch of chemicals from petroleum products is good for us. Certainly, they can keep company with the chemicals from pesticides already in us.  But, at what point do we call “uncle” and put a stop to this?

See the entire NPR story HERE.