From Water Technology Magazine on September 27:

“It’s no secret that the demand for hydraulic fracturing in the Permian Basin is on the rise. What is less commonly understood is how the high completion activity is affecting water demand in the area. For example, a fracturing job in the Permian today typically requires between 300,00 barrels (bbls) and 1 million bbls of water.”

That’s a heck of a lot of water!  No wonder “environmentalists” are protesting!

Why not clean and re-use fracking water, thereby eliminating the recurring cost for fresh water and the strain on resources in areas already suffering for lack of resources?  It can be done you know — and cheaper than you might think.

IX Power Clean Water can treat water and make it useable for $0.17 to $0.25 a barrel, depending on contaminants in the water and the intended use of the treated water.  That’s CapEx and OpEx … Cost per barrel depends on the amount of water treated daily, the specific constituents needing removal, and the ultimate disposition of the water.

The “Greenies” say we can’t afford to use the limited amount of fresh water we have available on this planet for fracking anymore. The oil and gas industry can agree with them about “affordability” and save itself billion of dollars by treating and reusing frack water and produced water.  It’s a heck of a lot cheaper than trucking and disposing (at $2 to $10 per barrel), or building costly multi-million dollar pipelines to disposal sites. Actually, its better for everyone.