So writes Mary Holcomb, Assistant Editor for Hart Energy’s Digital News Group.

We’ve been saying it all along!

In her interview with Joel Mack, she quotes Mack as saying, “By streamlining, consolidating and offloading the responsibility of water management from individual producers to service providers, he said producers will gain revenue for building out, developing and financing infrastructure.”

But, let’s go a bit farther and actually talk about SOLUTIONS that service providers can offer.

Like TREATING produced water so it can be re-used.

IX Power Clean Water offers a solution that cleans water for 17 cents to 49 cents a barrel.  IX Water cleans it well enough to be used for livestock and on crops. An additional process (optional) makes it clean enough to drink by humans.

This is a lot less costly than just trucking produced water off the well pad and then re-injecting it elsewhere (at a cost of $2.50 to $10 per barrel).  And — you have turned a liability into an asset…!

Thanks Mary Holcomb for your story!  We look forward to you tackling actually WHAT can be done with produced water  — and the answer is more than most people know!

See Mary’s complete story HERE.


—- post by Deborah Deal