A win for water! August 10th, 2021, the Senate voted in favor of a $1 trillion infrastructure bill. This legislation seeks to rebuild U.S. roads, highways, improve broadband internet access and modernize water pipes and public works systems. Included in this infrastructure bill is $8.3 billion in funding for Western water projects that farmers, water providers and environmentalists say are badly needed. Some of the ways the $8.3 billion would be allocated are water recycling, water storage, drought plans, desalination, dam safety, and water in rural areas. These water projects could bring some much-needed relief in coming years.

IX Power Clean Water offers new tech from Los Alamos National Lab to provide cost-effective treatment of industrial water from oil & gas, mining and other industrial operations so it can be recycled and reused. IX Water is crowdfunding right now on Start Engine.





Image courtesy of https://www.nlc.org/events/qa-how-arpa-is-impacting-water-infrastructure/