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Are you drinking Roundup?

  Pesticides like RoundUp are made with glyphosate and are the most commonly sold throughout the world because of their wide uses, including on crops and in public areas in which weed mitigation is important. Glyphosate works by preventing the shikimic acid...

We’re running out of clean freshwater!  What can we do?

We’re running out of clean freshwater!  What can we do?

The population explosion is burdening the planet with more people than it can handle and provide everyone with a decent lifestyle.  We will have 9 billion+ people on the planet by 2050. What’s a “decent” lifestyle? Being able to go to work and school because you have a source of clean water coming into your home, and you don’t have to hike four miles roundtrip every day for your water.  What’s a “decent” lifestyle?  Knowing that your child has safe water to drink and will not be one of the 6,000 that die every day from disease caused by contaminated water.

Squam Lake

Recently, signs have been posted around Squam Lake advising very limited consumption of fish caught in the lake, due to high levels of PCBs. While these pollutants are not dangerous to people recreating in the water, they are affecting traditional life on this beautiful lake.

How much water does it take to make that cheese burger

Many people nowadays are making a valid effort to reduce their water waste. People turn off the sink when brushing their teeth and take shorter showers. Doing this for a year might save 2,400 gallons of water. But there’s theres a small, and healthy, change you can make to save so much more.

Cow, Almond, and Oat Milk Take How Much Water?

by Emily Hernandez, IX Water intern Water is everywhere and can be found in practically everything. However, what many people don’t know is just how much water is used to make some of our everyday essentials. In fact, a lot of water goes into making one of the most...

How Does Water Affect Education

by Amanda Sotolongo, IX Water intern In developing countries, education is largely tied to water. This is because when the community has no running water, women often have to spend their days gathering water for the household. It is estimated that the women in Africa...

The Terrible T

The Terrible T

By treating and cleaning their produced water using IX Water’s new technology, oil & gas operators can safely reuse it onsite, or provide it to neighboring farms and ranches. It also saves operators from paying huge sums to truck their produced water offsite, and to truck clean freshwater onsite for fracking.

Toluene – it’s terrible, but IX Water can safely and cost-effectively treat water for it.

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