Want to know more about IX Water and what we do? Here is a quick snapshot.
IX Power Clean Water Inc (IX Water) solves regional drought by recycling unconventional waters including industrial wastewater, mining flowback, oil & gas formation (“produced”) water, landfill leachate, and brackish groundwater.
IX Water, a spin-out from Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL), commercialized tech from LANL, University of Texas, New Mexico Tech, NASA and other technologists to create treatment machines that are 100% effective yet cost 50-90% LESS than existing systems and treatment plants. We build machines that are modular, transportable, easy to repair, extensible and require very little groundwork and space
Leveraging these unconventional waters allows industry to create a closed water loop, minimizing their use of freshwater resources, and provides much needed New Water for agriculture and to recharge surface and ground water.
IX Water is “community capitalized” via crowdfunding, where thousands of people have joined our mission to assist communities suffering from regional drought all over the world.