Why is water called water? Well, our modern word “water” comes from its historical linguistic evolution and the development of human languages. The term “water” can be traced back through Old English (“wæter”), Middle English (“water”), and further back to Proto-Germanic (“*watar”), Proto-Indo-European (“*wódr̥”), and even beyond. The word has remained remarkably consistent across many languages throughout history, this is likely because water is one of the most fundamental and essential substances on Earth. Its importance for life and its prevalence in the natural world have made it a central element of human existence, leading to its universal recognition and consistent nomenclature in diverse cultures and languages throughout history. The history of water is fascinating, but IX Water is focused on water’s future. Through innovative technology IX Water is treating industrial and produced water so the water can be used again in agriculture or industrial processes. Leaving more water for people and the environment! Check us out www.ixwater.com