Since 2015, The US Water Alliance spends an October day raising public awareness of the importance of clean, safe water in our daily lives. It is difficult to imagine, in modern America, not having an ample supply of clean, safe, inexpensive water always at the ready. But, as neglected infrastructure throughout the country ages and deteriorates, access to clean water becomes more limited – not all at once, but small area by small area. Flint, Michigan is a highly publicized example, but similar water quality crises are occurring all over the country, many in rural locations without media outlets to bring attention to the impacts on the affected communities.
Almost all of the freshwater on the planet has always been here – it’s only 2.5% of the water found on Earth, and most of that is inaccessible because it is frozen in glaciers or snowfields. What comes out of our taps today has been here since before homo sapiens existed. It has been recycled through evaporation and precipitation, but it has always been here. Explosive population growth places ever increasing demands on this finite supply. Around the world today, in the 21st century, 900 million people do not have access to safe, clean water.
Imagine A Day Without Water is an effort to help people understand what will be in store if America’s water infrastructure is not maintained and modernized.. The concept of not being able to get a glass of water in the middle of the night, or take a shower in the morning is difficult to fathom.
The U.S. Water Alliance began the Imagine A Day Without Water campaign to encourage people to think about what life would be like without access to water.
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