OUR GOAL is to help industry all over the world create a closed water loop, leaving clearwater resources for people, animals, and to grow food.

For oil & gas produced water, coal & coking plants, and chemical, textile, & pharmaceutical manufacturing

The global water and wastewater treatment market is expected to reach $211.3 billion by 2025, at a CAGR of 6.5% during the forecast period of 2019 to 2025.

The growth of this market is majorly driven by rapid population growth and urbanization, growing demand for new water resources, rising focus on water quality and public health, increasing prevalence of water-borne diseases, growing need to treat industrial wastewater sector, and stringent government regulations on treating wastewater.

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IX Water on Hawaii Public Radio

Civil Beat Reporter Stewart Yerton Corporate Water UseWith more families indoors during the pandemic, everyday water usage has increased - causing critics of corporate water usage to ask “how can we make the most of the water we have?” According to conservationist...

IX Water on Action and Ambition Entrepreneur Magazine

Deborah & Grizz sat down with Entrepreneur Magazine's Andrew Medal for a personal chat about IX Water and its goal to help solve global water issues, raising capital, and what it's like to spend over 20 years as a sister-brother team in business together.  ...

IX Water on Coffee & Conversation KCHF TV New Mexico

Join Deborah & Grizz for an excellent conversation with Coffee & Conversation hosts Frank Haley and Larry Ahrens about water in New Mexico and Ix Water solutions. (Broadcast on 21 August 2020.)

Why would they do this?

“This disastrous rule will allow coal power plants to continue dumping toxic wastewater--filled with dangerous pollutants like lead, mercury, and arsenic--into the same waterways that our families drink from and play in,” said League of Conservation Voters Deputy...

IX Water on Cause Artist

Company extends its SEC-regulated crowdfunding campaign on StartEngine GOLDEN, COLORADO, 15 Sept. 2020 – IX Power Clean Water, an innovative provider of cleantech solutions designed to treat and clean industrial wastewater so that freshwater resources can be preserved...

Can Amazon Re-Ignite CleanTech Investing: Insights from Innovators on the Frontline

www.investorideas.com John (Grizz) Deal and Deborah Deal-Blackwell September 15, 2020 (Investorideas.com Newswire) Even with all of the markets in turmoil due to the current pandemic, believe it or not, the clean technology sector is a rare exception. Rather than...

Deborah Deal on Lead Up for Women podcast

Listen here or go to the Lead Up for Women Site Vision and HOPE were the main subjects discussed today as Dr. Bertie Simmons and Deborah Deal-Blackwell joined me on Women's Equality Day! Deborah is on a mission to provide clean water to all communities globally and...

A Gift of More Water for our Dry States? How about 876 BILLION Gallons More?

If you could help the states that are drying up, get 876 billion gallons more of water, would you do it? All it would take is putting regulations in place that would allow the treatment and reuse of produced water for agriculture, or at the oil & gas well pad where it came from.

Women’s Equality Day Greetings from IX Power Clean Water

Happy Women’s Equality Day!  For a quick historical review and Equality Day greetings, please click on our You Tube video.

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IX Power Clean Water can help industry with its wastewater with its cost-effective new technology that’s the most efficient available today.

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