Here’s how our company, IX Power Clean Water, can prevent earthquakes …
Earthquakes are estimated to cost the nation $6.1 billion annually in building stock losses according to FEMA. It has become glaringly obvious is that the way oil & gas companies dispose of their wastewater can trigger earthquakes, at times in unexpected places. Studies have linked earthquakes to oil field operations in Oklahoma, Kansas, Colorado, California, West Texas and Ohio.
Here’s the thing – companies reinject their toxic wastewater into the ground – millions of gallons of it. This can destabilize the earth with disastrous results and then earthquakes can be generated. But, IX Power Clean Water can safely and cost-efficiently clean this wastewater for reuse – for agriculture, livestock, onsite at the oil rig, and so much more. Voila! Use the wastewater instead of reinjecting it and losing this valuable resource which is needed so badly in the parched West.