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Wet Wipes

Being the lowest person on the pole at a wastewater treatment plan is never easy, but it is made all the worse because it is usually that employee who has to deal with blocks in pipes caused by “disposable” wipes.

It’s not going anywhere … Treatment market for industrial wastewater on the rise

Why would you want to be involved in industrial wastewater treatment?

It ain’t pretty.  It ain’t glamorous. And, there’s so darn much of it.   Precisely!   Next to polluted air and rising temperatures, contaminated water is a huge problem for the big blue marble we call earth.

We can’t live without water and I’m proud as a partner here at IX Power Clean Water to have a role in the quest to make sure we have enough

An Ominous Reminder

This astonishing natural phenomenon is yet another example of the resilience of the natural world, and of its ability to heal the damage wrought by our species.  More than that, it is an ominous reminder that the Earth does not need us, we need it.

IX Power Clean Water Can Help Cleanup Textile Industry Too!

IX Power Clean Water Can Help Cleanup Textile Industry Too!

FORBES recently reported on an initiative that we’re glad to see – especially since its one that IX Power Clean Water could help them with!
        In “Major Fashion Companies Sign Pact Vowing To Reduce Industry’s Environmental Impact”  by Andria Cheng she writes that “ahead of the G7 meeting in France 32 major global fashion and textile companies, from H&M and Gap to Burberry and Chanel, signed a Fashion Pact, promising to lower the industry’s negative impact on the environment.”

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