What’s holding parched California back from treating and reusing its produced water (wastewater) from oil & gas drilling?  The Bakersfield Californian reported recently that it’s money. John Cox reports that “treating oilfield produced water can be expensive, not to mention the cost of transporting it to a filtration plant and then on to an orchard or field. Oil companies don’t want to pay for that any more than farmers do.” However, IX Power Clean Water (IX Water) CAN clean that water right cheaply and efficiently onsite at the drill pad, so O&G operators don’t have to pay to truck it away. They can reuse it right there and save money on trucking water ON and OFFSITE – coming and going. Plus, neighboring farmers can easily access it. Learn more at: StartEngine.com/ix-water

Cox goes on to report that “people who have examined such arrangements say costs are coming down and it’s only a matter of time before produced-water treatment facilities scale up — likely within a decade as freshwater supplies decline.”  But, there’s no need to wait a decade!  IX Power Clean Water has the cost-effective and super-efficient technology NOW!