Globally, 19% of withdrawals from our precious and dwindling freshwater resources are made for industrial purposes. The U.S.A uses over 300 Billion cubic meters per year. Surprisingly, this is twice the amount China withdraws for their industrial operations. Today,1.8 billion people do not have safe water – water that is fit for human consumption in any form. Shouldn’t all factories, manufacturing, energy and energy resource extraction operations be cleaning their wastewater for reuse instead of using freshwater from the ground, rivers, lakes, and the ocean? And, where has all of industry’s water (now wastewater) been going once it has been used in its operations and contaminated?

IX Power Clean Water (aka IX Water) can cost-effectively treat & clean industrial water of the worst contaminants thereby enabling industry to reuse their wastewater. This saves industry money on freshwater withdrawals and leaves that freshwater for people and places that need it. Join the movement to obtain clean water for everyone – visit:

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