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Crowdfunding is about a large group of people, each investing a modest amount of money, to have an enormous positive impact.

John R. (Grizz) Deal

CEO, IX Water

As an investor in IX Water, we are confident you want to see the Company succeed and the value of it, and your shares, increase. Capital is the lifeblood of any startup, so meeting and exceeding our goal of $1 million during this crowdfunding round on StartEngine is critical to our success.

I know personally as a shareholder in other firms, it’s difficult to figure out how to help the company grow. While being active on our social media, engaging with management, and passing along sales leads and ideas for future products and markets are certainly helpful…what we need right now is for every investor to help promote our crowdfunding round.

Below are some simple tools you can use to help promote the crowdfunding, and all of the IX-Force hopes you’ll take just five minutes to do so.

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Investment Return Emphasis
I’m a crowdfunding investor in a great innovative water tech company called IX Power Clean Water (aka IX Water). Crowdfunding is about a large group of people, each investing a modest amount of money, to advance products that can have an enormous positive impact.

As you may know, industry uses up to 50% of all freshwater withdrawals each year. IX Water machines clean up that water so it can be used in industry and agriculture. IX Water is a spin-out from Los Alamos Lab, the University of Texas, and New Mexico Tech, so all of the IX Water tech is both cutting edge and commercially proven.

If you want to get in on their limited stock sale, you can learn all about it here:
https//: www.StartEngine.com/Ix-Water

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Social Benefit Emphasis
Hi [Colleague’s name]

I’m a crowdfunding investor in IX Power Clean Water – a company that will have a positive impact on one of our planet’s most pressing problems – the growing depletion of our clean water resources.  As you probably know, crowdfunding provides an opportunity for a large group of people, each investing a modest amount of money, to advance tools and technologies that will make a difference for the environment, communities, and society at large.

Industry, including mining and energy production, uses up to 50% of all the planet’s withdrawals of fresh water each year. This water becomes contaminated with toxins which render it unusable. IX Power Clean Water (NINE Power Clean Water) or for short, IX Water, is a spin-out from the famed U.S. National Lab at Los Alamos. The company’s game-changing technology for cleaning industrial water was conceived at Los Alamos with valuable research from the University of Texas and New Mexico Tech.

IX Water’s innovative technology is not only cutting-edge it is commercially proven. It’s also more of a movement than just a company.  Millions of people do not have clean water to drink or for domestic uses. IX Water’s efforts can improve their plight by making industrial water useable again and saving freshwater resources for people.

I look forward to watching this company and my investment grow in a venture that can make a difference worldwide.

If you would like to join me, you can learn more about it at:
https//: www.StartEngine.com/Ix-Water

Best regards,

[your name}

Social Media Post

I’m a crowdfunding investor in IX Water and think you should be too! Take a look at how we are helping solve regional water issues around the globe: https://www.StartEngine.com/Ix-Water

Just the Facts
  1. IX Water machines treat industrial wastewater so it can be reused to minimize freshwater withdrawals—more water for people.
  2. IX Water tech is the result of over a decade of research and development and is commercially proven.
  3. The annual direct addressable market is over $75 billion.
  4. Experienced team with 20+ years in Department of Energy innovations, leveraging patented technology developed at Los Alamos Laboratory.
  5. A groundbreaking product: IX Water’s proprietary and environmentally friendly technology cuts current costs by 50%.
YouTube Videos

See the IX Water YouTube Channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAlgPVqoaeO9mR10JyAcuSA


IX Water Press Clip Page: https://ixwater.com/press-clippings