According to the USGS, 14.8 billion gallons of water are used by industry every day in the United States ALONE and 82 % of that comes from surface waters[1]-streams, rivers, lakes, reservoirs, and wetlands.  Denver Water, which serves about a quarter of Colorado’s population disperses 715 million gallons a day to its 1.4 million residents.[2]  That equates to industrial operations (again, just the ones in the U.S.) using the equivalent of 207 “Denvers” every day.

Additionally, about four billion gallons of water  are withdrawn from mainly groundwater (the aquifer) every day for use in mining operations.[3]And, take into consideration that the U.S. has only 9.61% of the total active mineral exploration sites worldwide.[4]

So, theoretically at least, 18.8 billion gallons of water EVERY day in the U.S. alone could be treated and cleaned sufficiently by IX Water!

That’s a lot of water, but “bring it on!”