The State of New Mexico has now put an end to oil and gas companies using billions of gallons of fresh water to expand their search for hydrocarbons.

On December 15, New Mexico Land Commissioner Stephanie Garcia Richard sent a letter to oil and gas companies that hold easements to land that allow them to pump fresh water. She explained that once those easements expire, they will not be renewed by the state.

This change is meant to buoy the use of recycled or produced water from oil and gas operations. An incredible forty-two percent of New Mexico is experiencing “severe drought” so drastically reducing the amount of fresh water used by oil and gas companies at well pads is necessary for the wellbeing of the state’s residents today and tomorrow.

IX Power Clean Water uses innovative new technology to treat and clean wastewater/produced water from oil and gas operations that requires no chemicals and is significantly cheaper than trucking and reinjecting that water. This allows a dramatic amount of fresh water to be saved for people, livestock and agriculture.

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