Oil & Gas

Oil & gas produced water is naturally occurring water brought up with oil and natural gas. This water contains a toxic mix of metals, organic hydrocarbons, metalloids, scalants, and other elements dangerous to humans and the environment.

While sand, mud, and free-floating oil and grease are easy to remove, the most difficult to remove compounds are those dissolved into the water; they often have no color, taste, or smell. Oil & gas produced water is traditionally left to evaporate or injected into deep underground wells.

In addition to the loss of this valuable resource in water-stressed regions, injecting produced water has caused some localized fault slippage.

The oil & gas industries generate over 150 billion barrels of produced water each year. Treatment and disposal of oil & gas produced water costs over $75 billion annually, and accounts for 98% of the entire waste stream of the industry—from well to refinery. The cost per barrel varies widely, based on location and availability of treatment and disposal options.

Traditional methods of dealing with produced water include disposal via deep well injection, evaporation using open pits and ponds, and mechanical evaporation systems. These methods often present environmental challenges and/or cost too much to be viable. What the industry needs is an integrated system for treating produced water so the water can be recycled or reused for beneficial use…for less cost than traditional methods. IX Power Clean Water has created just such a system!

IX Water OG is a complete treatment train based on industry best practices and innovative technology from a unique collaboration between IX Power, Los Alamos National Laboratory, the University of Texas at Austin, and the New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology.

IX Water OG is a complete solution to a complex problem: the disposition of oil & gas produced water, both offshore and onshore.

IX Water OG can also be used for industrial waste water, industrial process water, and surface water/groundwater reclamation at point of use.