With 1.8 billion people suffering for lack of fresh, consumable water – water they can drink, bathe with, carry out domestic chores with, and water their crops – you would think the rest of us would be doing everything we can to clean, recycle, and reuse our wastewater.

The population explosion is burdening the planet with more people than it can handle and provide everyone with a decent lifestyle.  We will have 9 billion+ people on the planet by 2050. What’s a “decent” lifestyle? Being able to go to work and school because you have a source of clean water coming into your home, and you don’t have to hike four miles roundtrip every day for your water.  What’s a “decent” lifestyle?  Knowing that your child has safe water to drink and will not be one of the 6,000 that die every day from disease caused by contaminated water.

So, what can the “rest of us” do –we who live in the lap of luxury, who can turn on the spigot every day and get safe water?  Insist, through our regulators and government entities, that companies that use a lot of water treat, clean, recycle, and reuse their wastewater. In the long run it’s more economical for companies to do this anyway.

Who withdraws and uses the most freshwater for their operations? Industries that produce food products, paper, chemicals, refined petroleum, or primary metals.  Globally, industry uses 19% of all freshwater withdrawals. (Domestic use accounts for 11% of freshwater withdrawals.) And industry is expected to use even more in the future – withdrawals of freshwater for industrial use are expected to increase by 400% by 2050.

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