Many industrial enterprises are faced with the question of treating/cleaning/disposing their wastewater on-site or shipping it off to be treated.  What’s most effective?  Cost efficient?  Best for the environment?


At IX Power Clean Water (IX Water) we advocate for on-site treatment for several reasons

On-site treatment allows you to:

Keep pace with increases in your production.  No last-minute pulling your hair out trying to figure out what to do with a sudden increase in wastewater – who can you get to take it, and how much it’s going to cost!   Just treat it on your own property … 

Recover one of your most valuable resources: water!  Why pay a premium to have expensive freshwater trucked in or piped in?  Treat and re-use what you’ve got and save a LOT of money.

Eliminate Hauling Costs.  If you are treating your water on-site with IX Water technology you’ll get it clean enough to do anything with it, so why would you need to pay someone $2 to $20 per barrel to haul it away?  Forget hauling costs!

Cut your wastewater disposal charges.  Once it gets wherever you are sending it for off-site treatment or disposal, the plant accepting it is going to charge a fee for taking it.  Eliminate that cost – treat on-site!

Comply with Environmental Regulations.  Here’s a big one. Fees for improper disposal of industrial wastewater can be VERY expensive. Why take the chance?  Just treat to 99.99% clean (contaminant-free) with IX Water technology and re-use.

Demonstrate Environmental Stewardship.  Even if you aren’t worried about the planet your grandchildren will inherit, treating/cleaning your industrial wastewater proves you care.  Attacks, even just verbal, by environmental groups on your operations are a PR nightmare that will affect your bottom line.  Do the right thing – treat it and re-use it.  It’s good for the planet, your community, and your profitability!