At first thought, any mask is a good mask in fighting the spread of Covid-19.  But not so fast … It turns out that masks with valves  – think masks for painting and other industrial, clean-up and crafting uses – might do more harm than good. In fact, they may propel your germs even farther.

According to Hartford healthcare, “These are known as one-way valves, with the filter functional only in one direction. As you inhale, the incoming air is filtered. As you exhale, the outgoing mixture of carbon dioxide, oxygen, water vapor and, yes, possibly COVID-19 viral particles releases unfiltered.”

N95 masks are still desired by many but, you must use the ones without a valve. An N95 mask with a valve can be a dangerous tool.

Notice, that doctors, nurses, and other medical personnel do not wear masks with valves.

Good to know!  Help us spread the word!  (And not the disease!) Wear a simple cloth mask as often as possible.

See the entire story at: Hartford Health Care