When I’m out hiking, my favorite snack is almonds. When I open the fridge, I see almond milk. Almonds are delicious. Did you know that Kern County in California is the number one almond-producing region in the U.S.? Yet there is limited water. Over the last 20 years, Kern County’s almond production has decreased its water usage by 33%.

I love almonds. However, as the western water crisis continues, Kern County is facing a serious water crisis that threatens all of its crops, including almonds. IX Power Clean Water is making it possible for industries to affordably treat and clean their wastewater so it can be reused in a sustainable, closed-loop system or for agricultural use. Then, industries don’t have to use our precious freshwater in their production processes and farmers have more water resources to use. Find out how IX Power Clean Water is helping to change industrial water consumption at  https://ixwater.com/.

By Sierra Tanner