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IX Water is currently focused on two very specific markets: Oil & Gas and the Coking industry

Oil & Gas

Oil & gas produced water is naturally occurring water brought up with oil and natural gas. This water contains a toxic mix of metals, organic hydrocarbons, metalloids, scalants, and other elements dangerous to humans and the environment.

While sand, mud, and free-floating oil and grease are easy to remove, the most difficult to remove compounds are those dissolved into the water; they often have no color, taste, or smell. Oil & gas produced water is traditionally left to evaporate or injected into deep underground wells.

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Coke is fuel with a high carbon content and few impurities. It can be synthesized by submitting coal to extremely high temperatures in airtight spaces and then quenching, or cooling the resulting coke. The water used to quench the coke becomes highly toxic upon accumulating carcinogens and other impurities released by the coal.

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IX Water OG is the most advanced system for eliminating contaminants from industrial water — and at the lowest cost! Cost per 42-gallon barrel range from $0.17 to $0.24 ($1.07 to $1.51 per cubic meter). Salt concentration for high TDS adds an additional modest cost. Our goal is provide clean, reusable or dischargeable water for around $1 per barrel!

IX Water Treatment Components


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