Why IX Water

Why Choose IX Water

to Treat Contaminated Industrial Waters

1. Proven Technology

IX Water meets or exceeds U.S.A. EPA, China EPA, and OSPAR regulations for discharge of treated produced water. Unlike other solutions, IX Water technology was designed by the most respected chemists and engineers in the world. Hundreds of peer-reviewed papers on our foundation technology provide unequaled credibility in the industry.

2. Dedicated to simple, low-cost solutions

Unlike large diversified companies, we don’t sell plants that require hundreds of cubic meters of concrete and tons of steel. To get your system up and running, IX Water only requires a gravel, compacted dirt, or concrete pad, access to electricity and some piping or hose. You don’t have to spend tens or hundreds of millions of dollars to treat contaminated water!

3. Rechargeable media

IX Water  is way cheaper and more efficient than air stripping, chemical flocculants, activated carbon, paper filters, clogged membranes, exploding pressurized vessels, and artificial polymer medias that require steam for recharge. IX Water  media uses air or table salt and water for recharge, instead of costly steam or caustic chemicals.

4. Zero harmful discharge

Organics are degraded to CO2 and water, and metals and scalant capture can be land-filled. In some cases, metals capture will require special handling, but the reduction in contaminated water averages 99.19%

5. Wide range of operating conditions and influent concentrations

IX Water  handles virtually any pH, temperature, and contaminant concentrations. The only pre-treatment required is oil/water separation — which we provide as part of a total solution.

6. Complete Solution

IX Water  is a complete solution that treats for organics, metals, metalloids, and scalants, with optional equipment for H2S and NORM removal and salt concentration. Traditional water treatment systems are not designed to handle contaminants found in contaminated industrial water.

7. Modular Design

The modular design of IX Water  ensures you only pay for what you need, as part of a complete system or integrated with your current treatment train.

8. Scalable

IX Water  is scalable, from modest per day treatment of a few hundred barrels up to 50,000 barrels a day in a single system.

9. 24/7/365 Support

We take pride in providing what you need, when you need it. This extends to our world-class maintenance and support contracts that operate when you need it, not just during office working hours.

10. We make treatment of industrial water a reality

For the first time, effective treatment of contaminated industrial water is available at a price point that is often less than disposal via truck and well dump procedures — turning what has traditionally been a liability into an asset

IX Water is the most advanced system for eliminating contaminants from industrial wastewater — and at the lowest cost! Cost per 42-gallon barrel range from $0.17 to $0.24 ($1.07 to $1.51 per cubic meter). Salt concentration for high TDS adds an additional modest cost. Our goal is to provide clean, reusable or dischargeable water for a variety of uses.

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