Water Renewal Services is the city of Boise, Idaho’s utility within the Public Works Department responsible for renewing more than 10 billion gallons of used water (commonly known as wastewater) per year.  This water comes anywhere from the shower to the kitchen sink and toilet, from homes to businesses, large industry to schools and hospitals, every drop of used water travels through some of the more than 900 miles of underground pipes to one of two year renewal facilities.

Since 1949, all of Boise’s used water has been cleaned to a high level, then put in the Boise River just to flow downstream and out of their community. Seeing on the horizon, changing water regulations, rate affordability, the condition of the infrastructure, the capacity in their system and the impacts of climate change, in 2017, the city began an effort to consider what their water future could look like if they prioritized local-level solutions, planned for water scarcity, and balanced the values of their community.

The Water Renewal Utility plan is the result of that effort, integrating thousands of pieces of public input, technical evaluations, comprehensive analyses, and environmental implications for the future of how we collect, clean, and recycle water within communities.

The Water Renewal Utility Plan suggests infrastructure improvements, additional wastewater facilities to increase capacity and more ambitious initiatives such as wastewater recycling.

IX Power Clean Water cost-effectively treats industrial wastewater so it can be reused onsite. This way companies don’t have to take and use our dwindling freshwater resources and dump the contaminated water into our waterways. IX Water is currently crowdfunding at https://lnkd.in/gxWjcdi