Rainbow trout, a staple Colorado fish is being threatened by climate change and water shortages. According to the Denver Post, trout are unable to live in warm waters. And warmer rivers, lakes, and streams are inevitable as temperatures rise from global warming.

Higher water temperatures decrease the dissolved oxygen levels in the water, so fish cannot breathe. Climate change will continue to wreak havoc on our ecosystems. IX Power Clean Water is acting now to decrease the impacts of climate change by cleaning industrial and oil and gas produced wastewater.  Learn more about IX Power Clean Water and how it is helping to mitigate environmental impacts and provide clean water at https://ixwater.com/.

To read the full story from the Denver Post go to: https://www.denverpost.com/2022/09/17/on-the-colorado-river-growing-concern-for-trout-and-chub/

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By Sierra Tanner