Overdrawn. That was the theme of the Colorado River District annual water seminar last Friday, September 16th. Overdrawn is the perfect theme given the rapidly depleting water resources of the Colorado River Basin. According to CPR’s report on the water seminar, the water level in Colorado River Basin reservoirs has dropped so much that the Hoover Dam may not be able to run the turbines for hydroelectric power.

The Colorado River Basin is facing a water crisis if plans to severely cut down on water usage are not enacted now. CPR reported that “scientists now recommend that water managers plan for the river to provide just 9 million acre-feet of water annually. That’s a reduction of about a quarter from the amount used in 2021 by U.S. states, Native American tribes and Mexico.”

The Colorado River gives water to millions of people and provides the lifeline for agricultural industries. We cannot afford to wait to act on this water crisis. IX Power Clean Water is taking an active role in mitigating water usage by cleaning wastewater from industrial or oil and gas production. The clean water can then be reused for industrial uses or could provide much needed relief for farmers. Find out more about how IX Power Clean Water is working to clean industrial wastewater to contribute to sustainable water usage and alleviate water resource stress at https://ixwater.com/.

To read the full story on CPR go to: https://www.cpr.org/2022/09/17/colorado-river-drought-basin-states-water-restrictions/

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By Sierra Tanner