Want to reduce water cost?

Complete Industrial Water
Treatment Services

  1. IX Power Clean Water’s IX Water Services is a complete water treatment services company transforming the most contaminated waters in the world.
  2. Water treated with IX Water modules meets or exceeds the most stringent standards in the USA, the European Union, and in China..
  3. Total costs for using IX Water products is at least 50 percent less expensive than other methods, including dumping the contaminated water or treating using other methods. IX Water’s goal is to provide clean, reusable or dischargeable water for less than $1 per barrel.
  4. We serve industry seeking safe, reliable, economic, environmental, and efficient treatment, reuse, and recycling of oil & gas produced water, as well as water from coking and chemical manufacturing, power plants, pharmacological manufacturing, and textiles.
  5. Cost is obviously a major concern, so we match innovative IX Water treatment modules to your specific needs in order to minimize expense while meeting and exceeding your industrial and regulatory requirements.

Working Process

Consigning IX Water to treat your produced or industrial wastewater is as easy as 1-2-3.


Tell IX Water how much daily, weekly, monthly water volume needs to be treated and what contaminants are in the water.


IX Water designs a treatment prescription specific to your needs and the ultimate disposition of treated water.


IX Water deploys the equipment to your site, or transports your contaminated water to one of our treatment centres, and your water problems are solved!

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